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Services and Products

We here at WSSPS can look at your swimming pool equipment to ensure that you have the correct systems operating.
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon when the pool is first built for the equipment to be undersized to ensure the project comes in on budget.

This can really cost you more in the long run. With the correct sized filtration and pumps, the pool will run more efficiently with less maintenance for the homeowner. There may even be more efficient models on the market now, as opposed to when the pool was first built.

This is where we come in.

We can supply and fit all your swimming pool needs!

  • Swimming Pool Pumps
  • Sand Filters
  • Heat Pumps (to keep you warm all year round)
  • Pool Covers (to eliminate evaporation)

More on Pool Covers

Pool covers save on the cost of chemicals and also the effort of constantly topping up your water level.
They also reduce the amount of chlorine lost to the suns UV Rays and keep the pool cleaner as debris is kept out.
Covers can even extend the swimming season for you as it keeps the water warmer.

We like to supply ABGAL pool covers.They are made of a heavy duty weaved material so that rain does not sit and pool on top of the cover.

We do pre-Purchase Inspections

Does the property you wish to purchase have a swimming pool? If so we strongly suggest you let us give you a report. There are two types of service for this:

Verbal Report

Where we come to the premises at minimal cost, inspect the pool and surrounds and do tests for any major defects or problems that we think the pool may give you.
We then report back with the good or bad news.

Written Report

A more in-depth printed report.
This may be used as a bargaining tool on the purchase price if there appears to be any major problems. This means you are in for no nasty surprises after you sign the contract.
It is similar to a Building Inspection, but purely for the Swimming Pool or Spa.


Please note: Building Inspectors are not qualified to report on swimming pools, it is a totally different field with different guidelines.

WE ARE LICENSED AND REGISTERED with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) License No. 42854.
This is a very important point, for you the homeowner, to ensure that any work done on your property over $3,300 is performed by a licensed QBCC member.
This then covers you with backup and assurance of a job well done and not an inferior “Hope that it lasts” job.
The QBCC website is where home owners can log on to to see if the contractor they are contemplating working with is indeed a registered license holder or whether they have any bad reports/complaints/fair trading issues pending.

WE STRESS THAT EVERY HOMEOWNER takes advantage of this service.