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Pool inspection tips when buying a home

Pool inspection tips when buying a home

Pool Inspection Tips When Buying a Home…

Swimming pools are often one of the centerpieces of a home. The place where everyone can gather together to celebrate, enjoy the fresh air or simply just to cool down.

However, whilst a swimming pool can be a wonderful asset it can also be a headache source. This is particularly true if it’s old, not well maintained or substandard building practices were used in the first instance.

Some points to consider….
  1. Pools need to be upgraded and fixed over time – just like kitchens or bathrooms. However, it all depends on the integrity of the pool. Some pools can be 20-25 years old before they need a makeover, some may need attention much earlier. In some cases, this could be as simple as replacing equipment, but in other circumstances it could be very costly. A pre-purchase report will give an estimate of how much the perspective buyer may need to spend.
  2. A qualified person needs to inspect the pool. Building inspectors are not pool builders, or pool renovators. Building inspectors do not have the expertise to comment on what state the pool is in and what sort of repairs need to be made. It is the right of the prospective buyer to have the pool checked out independently and assess what issues that may be apparent.
  3. The main thing that needs to be checked is the structural soundness of the pool. Many times this is not evident to the eye straight away. The buyer may find out after they purchase the property that they need to renovate much quicker than first anticipated.
  4. A pre-purchase pool inspection can be either verbal or a more detailed report. If there are issues with the pool, particularly costly ones, this can help buyers to negotiate the sale price of the house to cover future works if needed.

In most cases the pool is completely fine but there are times, not often, but it does happen when houses are sold because of the cost of fixing the pool. The pre-pool inspection is about putting the mind of the buyer at ease and takes the unknown out of the equation.


Below is an example of a pool which was severely leaking. Western Suburbs Swimming Pool Services installed a new liner and filled the spa….
1-pool-severly-leaking-a-liner-installed-and-spa-filled-in-1 4-final-shot-of-pool-with-new-liner-and-spa-filled-in-leaking-pool-problem-fixed-1