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What you need to know on pool demolitions….

What you need to know on pool demolitions….

Pool demolition tips….

Consider this scenario. Your pool is sitting in the backyard, unused and neglected. It has been a great joy for the family. The children and their friends have enjoyed many years splashing and frolicking in the cool, refreshing waters. There are great memories of pool parties and lazing around the sun. But, now the kids have left home. The pool is time-consuming to look after. It’s getting old. The idea of a pool renovation seems costly. So, what do you do? Is a pool demolition worth it?

Many people believe that pool demolition is as simple as filling it in. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pool owners who don’t have the pool properly demolished, are liable.

Here are some key steps for demolishing a pool.

  1. Contact your local council about the guidelines and requirements that need to be met.
  2. Deregister the pool and seek approvals for the demolition.
  3. Contact a pool removal specialist who will need to make sure all care is taken when breaking up the concrete and filling the hole in, including reinforcements, checking drainage and ensuring no water pipes are damaged in the area.
  4. Receive certification that the pool demolition has been done satisfactorily.

It is advised that when considering a pool demolition that you seriously look at the pros and cons. Let’s make it clear, demolishing a pool will not necessarily be cheaper than renovating.  Think about the access to your pool, particularly if it some years old. At least if you renovate, you still have an asset on your property.

However, there are some circumstances where it is feasible for a pool demolition. For example, an older couple who have grown up children and don’t use the pool themselves may decide to have the pool demolished if there are no plans to move homes and they would like their lawn back.