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What Our Company Does


We can give your existing swimming pool a total makeover and turn it into a cheerful and entertaining area once again.
You will notice a remarkable difference in any pool we have renovated. Due to this level of workmanship and customer service, we have been awarded numerous awards from the Swimming Pool Association of Queensland (SPASA), most notably the Presidents Choice Award in 2006. Our latest award was for renovating this stunning pool pictured above, at  Kenmore. We received a GOLD award for Queensland and the SILVER award from SPASA in the National Awards in 2014.

Above Ground Pool Repairs:

It can sometimes be hard to find a contractor who is able to help in this field. We can repair or reline your above ground pool ready for the swimming season ahead.
If you have any questions about the services we provide or would like to ask for an estimate/quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

WSSPS have won the “GOLD” AWARD for POOL RENOVATIONS in 2014 in Queensland and “SILVER“ Award Nationally in 2014 for domestic pool renovations up to $25,000.
We also hold the ‘S.P.A.S.A.’s Presidents choice Award for 2006.

2014 SPASA Australia SILVER Award H125px SPASA Gold Award H125px


We here at WSSPS can look at your swimming pool equipment to ensure that you have the correct systems operating.

Recent Work